Raised: KES 60.00 Goal: KES 500,000.00 completed


Njoo Dada Trust was officially registered in 2014 with the aim of restoring hope to teenage mothers. The Trust was started to address the following challenges:

  • Rate of school dropout
  • Teen pregnancy stigma
  • Pregnancy cycle
  • HIV/AIDS awareness
  • Teen parenting and nutrition

Njoo Dada Trust programs are concentrated in informal settlements such as Kibera, Mathare, Kawangware, Kangemi and other informal settlements. The Trust operates three main programs, namely:

  1. Njoo Dada Trust Centre:This is a Safe-house situated on a one acre piece of land in Waithaka area, Nairobi, Kenya. The girls and their babies are housed therein where they run a normal home under the supervision of caregivers.

2. Education and Training:Njoo Dada ensures that the girls complete their primary/secondary education or acquire a skill through training to facilitate meaningful reintegration into society.

3. Njoo Dada Trust Outreach Programs:The Trust also runs psycho-social support groups for teenage mothers who have a place to live but cannot fend for their children or afford fees. These mothers receive support in the form of counseling, fees, food and clothes. The Trust is also engaged in community sensitization and training the communities where these teenage mothers come from.

Kindly support us towards the successful running of these programs effectively.

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