Raised: KES 180.00 Goal: KES 3,000,000.00 completed


The Maendeleo Education Centre was founded in 2003 wit the basic aim of offering the less fortunate,vulnerable and destitute families the chance to gain basic education and skills that would enable them to fit in todays society.The centre started with pre-school up to class 3 with a population of 45 kids in the year 2003. Due to lack of adequate facilities since the existing facilities were fading away ,we were not able to recruit new students.

Currently we are struggling to take care of 200 orphaned children fully boarding and over 500 kids commuting everyday to school. We believe in building stronger communities in the Mukuru area through offering quality education.We ask you to believe in our vision and suport as so that we can do the following:

  1. Build classrooms will be in16 in number with standard recommended size of 20*15 feet wide, a foundation will be raised 1ft above the ground to avoid water from the underneath.
  2. Computer lab: This will be together with the science lab and a library for the highschool section fully equipped.
  3. Kitchen will be fully equipped with necessary equipments and will be together with dining area.
  4. Perimeter wall running through the whole compound.
  5. Administration block housing all the necessary offices
  6. Sustain the School feeding program for the children.

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