Raised: KES 1,470.00 Goal: KES 60,000,000.00 completed


Driven with a strong passion to serve,Rose Ncebere started the centre because of so many disabled disable children . There were other needy cases of these children who were suffering: being tied at their houses from morning to evening. Others were left to the risks of the slums at Kawangware,beaten, raped and left to die. The centre currently has 70 children in the centre with different disabilities.The humanitarian Educational Centre focuses on:

  • Offering special programmes for those with special needs and other vulnerable in the society.
  • Assist parents /guardians on how to help care for them through seminars and conferences.
  • Deal with training of their characters and appreciate their upbringing
  • Bring together all the challenged children and get them assessed and receive right placement.
  • Bring together well-wishers who can assist the children to be useful members of the society.
  • Provide vocational training for the special children and youth.

With you support,we can:

  • Provide a better condusive environment for learning to take place
  • Ensure every needy child or everyone that passes through the school has acquired helpful skills
  • Cater for them medically
  • Support widows, aged and single parent etc
  • Provide vocational training for the special children.

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